Slow Down!

1 04 2010
 This week, my class assignment was a portrait. After thinking of what to take a portrait of, I realized something…… In the terms of photography, there is a large “gray” area as to what makes a picture a portrait. Who or what should I use for my portrait???

Alina! Alina is Eddie and Nikki’s daughter. She is 18 months old and she can move!…! I wasn’t expecting an 18 month old to sit still for a portrait style photo shoot. So I just let her be and couldn’t wait to see what I would capture. She ran and jumped and laughed and ran some more. I took some very bad photos….terrible even! But I did capture a few of her that really shows off her personality.

These pictures are far from perfect. I touched them up a bit. Alina is a very happy child,  always laughing and playing and of course, running!  Angela and I always enjoy spending time with her.





2 responses

1 04 2010

our sweet munchkin. One day we will have our own, so we won’t have to be as obsessed with Alina, and allow that girl to breathe! Hahah

Love her so much. And I love you!

26 05 2010

I want copies of these please!!

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