15 03 2010


This is my first post. I’m very new to blogging and also new to photography. The purpose of this blog is for me to monitor my photography progress and to share my favorites with YOU. My friends, family, and peers please feel free to comment on anything you like or hate. Constructive criticism is appreciated. Like I said I want to get better. Enjoy! 





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16 03 2010

have you started that class yet??

if you haven’t learned about it yet, do some research on the rule of thirds.
basically, not every pic has to be centered … but it does have to be balanced. imagine 3 horizontal lines & 3 vertical lines (kinda like tic-tac-toe) … you’ll want to find your focus points & balance using that as your guide — your camera should have a grid option if you haven’t already found it!

for instance, you can have something close to you like a person, and have something else in the background like a building, and even tho they are different in size and distance, they’ll balance each other out in the pic. you can balance horizontal or vertical … not talking about turning the camera on its side, but regarding the objects in your pic … also, try to use an odd number of focus points … you’ll see how it makes the pic more interesting to look at.

use your zoom to crop, and close in tight to fill the whole canvas — landscape shots are good for some things, but think about what catches your attention in pics … it’s not always what your eyes see, but its the perspective you create through the camera.

try to have your pics tell a story without having to actually “tell” the story of what’s going on in the pic … like the pic should be able to stand alone and the viewer can tell what’s going on in the pic. KIDS are my favorite to practice with b/c they’re so full of emotions and facial expressions … you can always “feel” genuine laughter or tears, versus just a smile … know what i mean???

i like how you’re playing around with changing the primary focus and blurring out the background.
also, try not to always take the pic while standing up or being at eye level … put the camera on the floor and angle up, or stand on a chair and angle down — you’d be surprised at the “life” it creates to your images

you’re doing a great job, and with practice, you’ll continue to get better : )
if you want, i can share some of the criticism i’ve gotten from my unit on the pics that i’ve taken … that’s pretty much how i’ve learned what not to do! my whole focus now is to learn the more technical stuff, like apature, depth of field, iso intensity, etc … you know, learn how to actually work the camera, and do more than just point & shoot!!

~ Jenn : )

18 03 2010

I did start my class. Actually last night was my 3rd class already. I am learning a lot. We actually caovered the rule of thirds last week, but unfortunately these photos I posted were taken when we went to Savannah last month.

If you want to learn about the technical things like aperture, shutter speed, and ISO I would recommend thinking about taking the class I am in now. They teach that stuff, but in a hands on manner, looking at your own Camera.

Hopefully, within my next few posts my photos will get better. That is, once I put all I have learned into action.

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